Which Crypto Will Explode Next?

Finding the next crypto to explode is not an easy task, however, there are various methods and steps you can take to ensure you give yourself the best odds at finding the next 100x play. First let me break down crypto-currencies by each category: the store of value, and the meme coin.

The currencies that are labeled as “stores of value” are labelled that way because they actually have the potential to be useful in today’s society. The most prominent examples of stores of value coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even others like Cardana, and Solana. These coins all have the potential to actually hold long-term value by means of digital payments, virtual world or metaverse currencies, and usually the coin’s supply is somewhere close to being exhausted. This means that the coins can’t be mined at the same rates as they once were. As volatile as “store of value” crypto coins such as BTC and ETH are, they are still way less volatile than the meme coins.

Meme coins are your best bet at finding the next crypto to explode. By explode I mean they can go anywhere from 10x in value to 1,000x in the right conditions. In this category we have the popular DOGE coins and SHIBA INU. Why are these coins considered memes? Because they were able to leverage the power of social media and were marketed well to the retail trader. For some reason these two coins have rocketed in value, but if you actually take a look at all the other “dog” coin wannabes that co-exist there are hundreds of others that didn’t make it anywhere near the top.

So why these two coins? What I’ve noticed is that the next meme coin that tends to explode in value all have a similar set of characteristics. Here they are:

1. The crypto coin is catchy. Remember, a lot of how well a coin performs is based off it’s marketability and what it’s used for. Shiba and Doge both were popular because they were catchy and marketable (and Elon likes them).

2. They all start off with prices in the thousandths of a dollar, $0.00005 for example. They are dirt cheap and small amount of capital can give you millions or even billions of coins.

3. This is the most important one, it’s the fact that they all had a big social following in the early stages of the coin. Social media tends to be one of the best driving forces for meme-coins and will most likely continue to be for some time.

… But you’re here to find the next play, how can you do it? The thing that you should remember about these up-and-coming cryptos that will explode to the upside is that there is a potential for them to go 100x or 1,000x. You also need to be prepared to lose your entire investment in them because they absolutely can be that volatile. Having said that, if you invest $100 in a random low-market-cap coin then the most you can actually lose is $100, but the most you can gain could be from $1,000 to $10,000 if you hit the meme-coin “lotto”. It’s kind of like roulette at the casino, but there are a few ways you can monitor these hot crypto coins to find the next play, I’ll break it down.

First you’re going to want to monitor social trends on both the SwaggyStocks Crypto Trending List, Spotlight, and 4Chan Crypto pages. These pages all have sections that emphasize coins that are exploding in social sentiment. I’ve highlighted in the following images the locations for each page.

Crypto – Trending List

Crypto – Spotlight

4Chan – Crypto

When you monitor these trends you can see exactly how much change in social rank and chatter these coins are experiencing. Look for metrics such as the change in rank (rank trend) and change in social volume. Is social volume up 5,000% in the last 24 hours or did the meme-coin go from being ranked 200 yesterday to being ranked 10 today? Those are LARGE moves in social chatter and should be investigated deeper. Drill down to the coin page to view exactly when it started trending and compare the coin price to the explosive trend lines. Here’s the caveat, you will almost always see a large spike in crypto social volume that seems to pair with an increase in the coin’s price. You may ask yourself “the coin just spiked 50% in price in 2 hours, am I already late to the party?”. The short answer is both yes and no. You never really know where a meme-coin will trade, but generally speaking they can run way more than just the initial spike.

When you’re looking for the next crypto that will explode you can also refer back to my previous points. Ask:

-Does the coin have any utility or is it strictly a meme-coin?
-Is it trendy?
-Monitor the social following

Answering all three of those questions will help you decide on whether or not it might be worth a try for an investment.

The last point I want to touch on is the fact that a lot of this depends on which platform you use for trading crypto currency. For example, Coinbase does NOT list all the low market cap meme-coins so in order to get on some of these early you will need an alternative crypto wallet. At the same time you could also wait until Coinbase lists some of the meme-coins on the Coinbase exchange before getting them. Usually that means the coin is becoming more main-stream and you will also have an opportunity before an explosion in hype.

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