WallStreetBets chatter for Clover Health (CLOV) stock is exploding. Here’s why!

Short-squeeze names are back on the menu. This time it was Blackberry (BB) and AMC Entertainment (AMC) leading the way. Another unusual name made it’s way to the top of the list, Clover Health (CLOV). Let’s break it down.

CLOV is a healthcare company that focuses on medicare to an aged population. They are small and growing fast, but will face many headwinds in the form of bigger competition along their journey. Why is CLOV being talked about? There are many funds and players betting on this company to fail, and thus, have a high short interest. Almost 40% to be exact, it was close to the top of the list when it comes to stocks with high short interest.

That looks to be almost the only reason why this stock is trending. It’s not fundamentals, it’s not a great earnings report, it’s high short interest, which in turn makes this an extremely volatile play. Any stock that has swings of 50-100% will be dangerous for any portfolio. A high-risk, high-reward game as some might say on WallStreetBets. Here’s a look at the ticker popularity and hype for clover health (CLOV)

CLOV became popular on WallStreetBets back in April, 2021 when chatter spiked to around 15% of ticker mentions on the forum. After months of not much excitement and quite a lull, it seems that this stock has exploded along with the stock price.

In the last 3 trading days there have been over 20,000 mentions of the CLOV name on WallStreetBets with sentiment leaning extremely bullish. This comes with good reasoning as the stock was up nearly 300% on one of the intraday sessions before tumbling back down.

What will the next ticker be that explodes to the upside? It’s not easy to say, but I can almost guarantee it will pop up on the SwaggyStocks hype tracker.

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