Top play-2-earn (p2e) games so far in 2022

Top Play-To-Earn Games

For those who want to have fun and earn some reward for their effort, play-to-earn games are all the rage. Thanks to innovations on the blockchain, play-to-earn games are bigger than ever. So which are the biggest play-to-earn games available? Today, we will take a look at five of the top play-to-earn games on the blockchain. 

What Are Play to Earn Games? 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, play-to-earn games give you the opportunity to earn assets or tokens through gameplay. These blockchain games encourage players to participate by creating various rewards for continuous gameplay. Rewards are usually provided in the form of in-game tokens which can be exchanged for in-games assets in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Also, in-game tokens can be exchanged for crypto or fiat currencies. 

1). VIG’s – Daily Fantasy Stocks (DFS)

You ever heard of Daily Fantasy Stocks? Me neither. VIG has gone where no one else has gone (at least from what I could find on the internet) and created the very first version of paper-trading competitions for REAL MONEY. Unlike other P2E games, VIG offers cold hard cash in USD versus a crypto currency or their native token. In my opinion this is a benefit because you’ll always be earning the same amount of money each time, whereas with other various tokens they can be extremely volatile and most have gone down over 80% since their launch.

With Daily Fantasy Stocks all you do is select a handful of stock picks for the day (before market opens) and check back by market close to see how your stocks performed. If you placed in an “in the money” position you win the cash assigned to your rank. It’s really THAT simple. At the time of writing (March 2022) they are currently offering over $1000’s of USD per week in cash games and many of them are 50/50 games. A 50/50 game is one where half the people playing with some sort of cash prize. It sounds too great to be true and that’s why I placed them in my number one slot, but there’s no catch and games are completely free to enter. So give it a go.

2). Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity

Currently, the largest play-to-earn game is Axie Infinity. In the game, you breed monsters known as “Axies.” These monsters can then be used to battle each other. Each monster has its own genetic code which allows it to breed with other monsters. While the game is play-to-earn, you will need to spend some ETH in order to acquire your first monster. 

In the game, there are two types of tokens that you can win: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). AXS allows you to breed new Axies. In addition to breeding new Axies, you can also sell your existing Axie monsters on the game’s marketplace. 

Why you will want to play this game? 

As the largest play-to-earn game on the blockchain, Axie Infinity is a must-play if you want to understand this new type of gaming experience. Also, the game is popular for a reason. It is extremely popular and there is a fast-growing community. 

3). The Sandbox 

The Sandbox

If you are a fan of open world “Sandbox” game-play then you will obviously love what The Sandbox has to offer. This is a play-to-earn game that allows you to explore an open world with your own avatar. Think of The Sandbox as a more grown-up version of Minecraft or Roblox. In the game, you can create your own worlds, clubhouses, and other structures. The most important asset in The Sandbox is a token known as LAND. This is a property ownership NFT that allows you to own virtual property in the game.

In addition to land, The Sandbox also has its in-game token known as SAND. You can earn SADN by completing certain tasks or by competing in games. You can also convert SAND in ETh. 

What you will want to play this game

One of the big reasons why you will want play The Sandbox is because of the freedom that it offers. You can pretty much do whatever you want. Also, The Sandbox has a good chance to overtake Axie Infinity as the most popular play-to-earn blockchain game. Finally, owning virtual real estate in The Sandbox may prove to be a smart investment decision. 

4). CryptoBlades 

Crypto Blades

If you love battles, then you will want to check out CryptoBlades. This game is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, you will need to use Binance Coin to convert to the in-game SKILL token in order to get started. In the game, you will create a character that wears fantasy clothing. This character will be represented as an NFT. From there, you will be able to participate in battles and have the chance to earn more SKILL tokens.

When you earn SKILL, you have the opportunity to forge new weapons, purchase more assets or convert the SKILL into BNB. Overall, the set-up of CryptoBlades is pretty similar to most other battle-based blockchain games. 

Why you will want to play this game

CryptoBlades is a fast-growing game. That means that there is lots of opportunities to participate in battles. Also, this game has an active marketplace. Therefore, you should have no problems selling your character if you want to get more SKILL and convert it to BNB.

5). SolChicks 


If you are looking for a newer play-to-earn game that is a little quirky and also a little more affordable to play, then you will want to check out SOlChicks. This game is built on the Solana blockchain which makes it a little more affordable to purchase characters. In the game, you will create a chick that dresses up in a knight’s custom. In order to create your SolChicks character, you will need to purchase Shards of Love (SLC) tokens. IN the game, players can receive the governance token CHICKS.

The game is relatively new. However, it is showing lots of promise. Therefore, you will want to stay tuned to see what they have to offer when it comes to expansions and the growth of its marketplace.

Why you will want to play this game

While this game is new, SolChicks is already getting lots of hype. The fact that it is on the Solana blockchain makes the game affordable for new players and it could easily attract a wide audience right away. 

6). Splinterlands 


If you are a fan of card games, then you will want to check out what Splinterlands has to offer. This NFT card game. In the game, you receive a pack of cards that you can use to battle against other players. When you win, you will earn what is known as Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). With the DEC in-game token, you will be able to add skins and other assets to your cards.

Many people love playing card-based games. This is why Spinterlands is bound to be one of the most popular play-to-earn games on the blockchain. The game already has a big user base and should continue to grow.

Why you will want to play this game

Card-based games can be really addictive and you will likely find lots to do in Spliterlands. Also, there is a chance that you can get a card pack that features a rare card that could be extremely valuable. Finally, starter card packs are $10 which makes them affordable to play.

Earning While You Are Playing 

These top p2e games continue to be extremely popular. You not only get to play, but you also have the chance to win. Be sure to try out a few of these games and see which play-to-earn games are right for you. 

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