Markets get cucked bigly.

What the FK happened this afternoon? One moment we were pushing all-time-highs, sipping champagne, the next we were in the biggest shit-storm sans umbrella. As stated in my previous blog post, Swaggy went cash on Friday. Did I regret that this morning when stonks opened swiftly in the green up 4-5% higher? I sure did. Swaggy was about to pull the trigger on a purchase of FB and WMT, but for whatever reason I didn’t execute. Shortly after the market was chaos and began to enter a lower lows every 15 minutes. What a thing to witness. Did I get lucky today? FK yeah I did, but luck tends to award the brave.

Volatility up big, stonks down big. It wasn’t supposed to end so abruptly, but again, we were never supposed to survive after the March downfall. What’s the news? That California is shutting down and other states might follow suit. Ask yourself, was this ever off the table, did anyone not think this was a possibility? Why such a huge fall after minuscule news such as that. The answer lies not within yourself, but within the hundreds of computers trading with each other, clearly they don’t know shit other than reading bid/ask prices and hitting retail traders stop limits.

Will we bounce back or continue down at the open tomorrow? Nobody knows and if they do I will award them with a chest filled with dollary-doo’s. My job now is to pay attention to detail and adjust when needed because that is what we do, we adjust. Will the dip get bought or are we FKd? We’ll find out tomorrow when we watch the tape.

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