How to research trending stocks using SwaggyStocks

Reddit can be a great place to learn about stocks that are currently trending. Not only that, but some of it’s members offer invaluable information through due diligence posts that they spent hours on researching. Although Reddit is great, these posts often get lost in the hundreds if not thousands of threads that get posted daily. Imagine this, someone writes a quality post on BlackBerry (BB) that ends up receiving many upvotes and awards. The post gets added to the “Hot Section” on your favorite sub-reddit, but a week goes by and you’ve lost the post. You use the Reddit search function to search for the term “Blackberry research”, but nothing relevant comes up.

Don’t worry fellas (and ladies), SwaggyStocks has got your back. We’ve created a glorified search tool that will allow you to find every single post that mentions your favorite tickers. Let’s take a quick look on how you can use this feature.

We will head on over to SwaggyStocks Internet Stocks On the main page we can see all the posts that are trending, or “Hyped”. We can see this by two methods, the first is by post “popularity” which is a SwaggyStocks rating for how much user-engagement the post received. The second method is by post count, which shows how many posts were created on all the popular stock trading internet forums.

Right now Gamestop (GME) is obviously the most popular ticker, and for good reason. The graph demonstrates quite well just how popular some of these BANG (Blackberry, AMC, Nokia, Gamestop) tickers are relative to the rest. You will also notice that a lot of the stocks on the list are either past or up-and-coming momentum stocks.

So you remember last week you saw a post, somewhere on the internet, about BlackBerry that had a plethora of information on how the company is largely transitioning into the data-security market. The only problem is you have no idea where it was posted or how long ago. Have no fear fellow autist, we’ve got you. Simply search the ticker in the search bar on the main page and select the ticker to bring up the next page.

Here’s a screenshot of what BB currently looks like. You can see the post count and post popularity vs the stock price over a certain timeframe. Below the chart you have a complete list of every post that mentions Blackberry.

You can view the title of the post, which forum it is was posted in, as well as the post’s “popularity”. Let’s click on the popularity header to sort by descending and here we can view all the top posts that mention Blackberry. What is the popularity rating? It’s the average popularity (based on likes and comments) that the post received relative to the forum it was posted in. In short, a value of 100% means the post’s popularity was about the average of most threads that get posted there. Here we will be looking for anything above 150%, with the max value being 300%. We can see quite a few posts that are 200%+ in terms of popularity. What you can do is read the title to see if it might be of interest to you. Clicking on of the titles will bring you directly to the post so you can read up on it.

This tool works great not only for tickers you are interested in, but also to take note of new tickers you can add to your trading arsenal. Maybe you see ARKG trending on the main page and you want to know more about what is going on. This tool gives you access to all posts in one place.

This feature was just recently released, soon we will be adding wider time-frames so you can see more historical posts than just the current default (2 weeks). There will also be more filtering and screening options available to you down the road.

Very cool!

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