Fears of second wave of covid sweep across states.

Over 50k new cases of covid this weekend in the great United States of America, nearly 20k of those came from Florida alone. I would love to say that America is on track for a grand re-opening and that covid has gone away, but the data does not lie. It looks like the grand re-opening is moving swiftly to a grand re-closing.

From a financial point of view, it would seem that we are in a prime death-grip of heading into a downward spiral. Calls on vaccine plays will lead the way to profits. Big tech, software plays, and Zoom will come in second best here.

Domestically, our country is in fucking shambles. The BLM movement has citizens killing each other, in what they call “protesting” for more rights. From firing Roman candles to blowing up the homeless it seems like we are indeed on the correct path to self-destruction.

I’m not sure what July has in store for us, but surely one cannot be short against the American economy bouncing back. Until then, Elon will help us find a way to colonize Mars. I’ll be the first to set-up an intergalactic stonk exchange on so we can all win some Doge-Coin together.

Swaggy Out.

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