10 of the highest selling NFTs sold to date

When it comes to holding digital assets and participating in tokenized communities, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are becoming more popular as a method of doing so. It’s becoming evident that this usage of the blockchain might spur more than just innovation in technology and ownership arrangements. Several indicators point to the possibility that this new approach of making and collecting art will also help to enhance diversity, equality, and inclusion in historically unequal environments. They are secure and don’t require any intermediary, although the need for a marketplace can never be neglected. People’s interest in NFTs has risen significantly in the past few years. 

We have coined the list of top 10 most selling NFTs ever sold in the market to check out the potential. Cryptopunks have been dominating the top 10 list. There are 4 of them on the list.

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10. CryptoPunk #5217 (Sold for $5.59 million)

CryptoPunk #5217 is a knitted hat-wearing Ape with a gold chain, all of which are very desirable features even by CryptoPunk standards. It was developed on Ethereum Blockchain in 2017. To date, the longest holding time of this NFT is 681 days. Since its birth, it has changed just 8 hands.

9. Beeple’s Ocean Front (Sold for $6.00 million)

Beeple’s OCEAN FRONT was minted on March 19, 2021, and later sold at auction on Nifty Gateway for $6,000,000 to Justin Sun.

Beeple is one of the industry’s most well-known and recognized digital artists, as seen by the high prices he charges for his work. Ocean Front, which depicts an amalgamation of large containers, a caravan, and a tree standing tall amid the ocean, is one of his two works in the top ten.

8. XCopy’s A Coin for the Ferryman (Sold for $6.034 million)

‘A Coin for the Ferryman,’ one of XCopy’s first works, was developed in 2018 but sold for nearly $6 million on November 4, 2021. The artwork is made up of scribbled faces on a bright backdrop, with the GIF format ensuring that it is one-of-a-kind and something the owner can be proud of. For its perfection and fantasy, his art may be the last of its kind.

7. Beeple’s Crossroad Sold for ($6.6 million)

Beeple’s Crossroad is a 10-second film depicting people strolling through a big, fallen corpse with obscenities scattered all over it. Beeple’s work is so well-liked because it offers something a little different from the usual NFTs — and the price speaks for itself.

Crossroad includes all 3 states signed limited edition prints (pre-election, Trump win, Biden win). This is a first for Nifty, a token that changes depending on the election results. The artwork will represent one state before the election and eternally changed if Trump or Biden wins.

6. CryptoPunk #7804 (Sold for $7.6million)

Cryptopunk #7804 was first formed in 2017. It has to date past two owners. It has been held for 1155 days, being the maximum days. This is one of the coolest cryptopunk with a hat and a smoking pipe. 

5. CryptoPunk #3100 (Sold for $7.67million)

Cryptopunk #3100 was first developed in 2017. It has two owners to date. It has been held for 1344 days, being the maximum days. Unlike other alien crypto punks, it is just holding a headband.

4. CryptoPunk #7523 (Sold for $11.75million)

Cryptopunk #7523 was first developed in 2017. It has five owners to date. It has been held for 1344 days, being the maximum days. It is different from other crypto punks in that it is wearing a mask.

3. Beeple’s HUMAN ONE (Sold for $28.985million)

Beeple’s HUMAN ONE makes it the top 3 most selling NFTs to date. This is another art piece of Beeple. Since the price is higher than the Beeple’s Ocean Front, the art quality is imaginative and for a purpose.

Beeple returned to Christie’s in November, the site of his monster March sale that sparked the NFT boom, with a hybrid digital and physical artwork on offer. HUMAN ONE is a generative sculpture that includes a rotating polished aluminum monolith with LED screens and a corresponding NFT.

Its contents are dynamic, which depicted an astronaut strolling over various landscapes at the time of sale. The features can be changed or added by Beeple, as it retains the right to do with its contents.

2. Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days (Sold for $69.3million)

Christy opened up an artwork, namely- Everyday: The First 5000 Days, forbid. The initial bid was as low as $100. The art piece may not catch the fame that high, but it has got to six-figure in really a shorter period. It passed six figures in nearly no time.

Unlike other art pieces, this has nothing that important an art perspective. It is simply the collage of Beeple’s first 5000 days. This would be worth millions or more for Beeple, even if the market does not rate it that well. But, owing to the huge market base and fan following, the artwork was admired to the apex.

  1. Pak’s ‘The Merge’ (Sold for $91.8million)

Officially, the Merge had surpassed the previous record-holder for the most costly NFT ever sold when it was sold on December 2, 2021. An estimated $91.8 million was raised for the artwork by over 30,000 collectors combining their money. There have been numerous owners of one NFT. This NFT is the only one on this top ten list with several owners. There is no doubt that NFTs are growing more and more popular as time goes on, but this begs how high the price of NFTs may rise before they become too costly for most consumers.


NFTs have fundamentally altered the idea of ownership for both digital and physical assets. They address problems that have plagued the art market for decades, such as provenance, title, authenticity, and more equitable distribution of money among collectors and galleries. Since the prices of NFTs are not going to stay up there for sure, we have to wait till the end of 2022 to check where it goes further.

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